Counting has developed a video-processing AI software dedicated to traffic analysis, that can detect and classify with high precision all vehicles in circulation, only from roadside cameras. The solution aims to meet the growing needs for accurate and easy-to-access traffic data to support traffic managers and mobility authorities in their decision-making.

High data accuracy

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence latest technologies applied to video analysis, detection rates are as high as those provided by intrusive equipment, but without all the inconvenience

Low-intrusive data collection system

Traffic data is entirely collected by roadside traditional cameras. No intervention on the roadway is required, neither for installation nor for maintenance

On-demand analysis platform

Easy access to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, easy-to-use by the traffic operators and customizable to all needs

Considerable time saving for mobility experts

Dramatic reduction of video processing time spent by the operators through the automation of a tedious and time-consuming task

A better understanding of traffic flows and mobility habits

Based on cutting-edge technologies in Computer Vision, the solution provides a clear overview of all the vehicles circulating on the road network, sorting by category and speed, as valuable information for traffic managers.
Vehicle detection

Reliable vehicle detection thanks to a powerful Deep Learning tracking algorithm

Main traffic classes categorization

Smart identification of pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, light vehicles, trucks and buses

Zone segmentation

Configuration of illimited masking zones on each cameras to provide specific counting per zone

Open system

Compatible with most cameras to facilitate scalability and offer the possibility of integrating later additional detection functionalities


Road Managers

More accurate traffic data, for mobility usage studies or real-time traffic management, with less intervention directly on roadway that disturbs exploitation.

Our solution is easy-to-install as it only requires roadside camera installation. It also needs lower maintenance over time as it requires only camera maintenance.

A SaaS service to process all the traffic video needed to perform a comprehensive mobility study.

Mobility studies

A SaaS to automate video-data processing

Thanks to an expertise in smart video processing and software development, has designed an ergonomic on-demand interface dedicated to traffic analysis. Traffic managers and mobility experts can upload directly their own traffic videos to automatically count and classify all the vehicles that can be seen on the video stream.

Traffic Management

For traffic optimization and enhance decision-making

Set-up in some key infrastructure points, our video-based traffic analysis solution enables a better understanding, and thus monitoring, of traffic flows : road network managers can prioritize specific flows over others, opening the way to new mobility policies - for example, by promoting soft mobility at crossroads in urban centers or by implementing dedicated lanes for public transport.

Deployed for Lima Expresa to analyze Lima’s ring road traffic

Lima Expresa, the 25-km Peruvian concessionary company, has selected to deploy its video traffic analysis AI solution on 16 roadside cameras in key network locations. It aims to provide the concession management team with a better understanding of the infrastructure usages, to adapt accurately commercial offers to customers’ needs and identify adequate maintenance priorities.

Traffic data collection to assess the impact of new Restricted Public Transport lanes

The Aix-Marseille-Provence agglomeration has planned to create 100 km of Public Buses dedicated lanes by 2023. Through a public tender procedure, has been selected in 2019 by the DIR Méditerranée to provide the engineering firm Ingérop with reliable and detailed traffic data to study the impact of these new restricted lanes.

Soft mobilities better prioritization within urban crossroads in Paris city center

As part of the Datacity 2020 Innovation Program led by the NUMA and the City of Paris, has been selected to be the main AI technology supplier within the Mobility challenge on « How to integrate soft mobilities into traffic at the crossroads? ». In this context, we were able to deploy a real-time soft mobilities detection algorithm, to directly impact on the traffic light cycle.

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