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Automating toll classification control with artificial intelligence

Tollsense is an AI-powered image processing software, able to detect in real time the class of a vehicle at the toll plaza, from a unique image feed and with a very high level of accuracy


Relieving toll operators of classification errors

Despite the high number of equipment already set up at the toll plaza (optical radars and other lasers), 5 to 10% of toll transactions are still commonly manually reprocessed  by operators: a tedious and time-consuming process, expensive for tolling operators and generating numerous errors.

Based on the latest Deep Learning technologies and trained on 165 million images, Tollsense automatically detects the class of vehicles at toll booths with the same performance as a classification expert.


Why Tollsense?

icon efficiency

Operational efficiency

By eliminating the manual reprocessing of classification errors, operators immediately gain in productivity: great impact on toll function ROI.

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Improved customer service

Thanks to the reduction in intercom customer calls, toll lanes are more fluid and customers more satisfied (decrease in customer claims).

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Ready to scale

Tollsense is already deployed at an industrial level throughout the VINCI Autoroutes network. It is the only AI product that has been deployed at scale in France in 2018.

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With our anonymization technology, we respect user confidentiality by blurring personal data visible on the images we process (GDPR compliant).


Product functionalities

Dedicated interface

Management and analysis tools for supervision, easy to learn by operators (simple and intuitive interface)

quality control

A confidence rate is assigned to each response, that can be used as a filter to ensure a specific level of reliability


The API responds in less than 250 ms (cloud or on-premise processing), allowing the solution to be integrated directly in the toll IT system

flexible integration

A single API, easy to integrate into your toll systems: directly into the lane software or in your back-office, without any equipment costs

Tollsense Classification Interface by

Key figures

165 million

classified vehicules

4 months

of R&D

> 99%


< 250 ms

processing time

Our references

VINCI Autoroutes Logo
Map of the VINCI Autoroutes network

4 443 km network

320 toll plazas

880 M transactions / year

Tollsense for VINCI Autoroutes


VINCI Autoroutes Toll Division


2018 - 2019


54 300 hours per year of manual reprocessing 35% of a toll operator’s working time


After only 4 months of R&D, Tollsense was deployed at scale throughout the network for all class 2 and 5 checks, directly into the business qualification tool.


165 M

transactions processed so far


of the manual reprocessing workload removed

1.8 M€

yearly savings for toll operators


A performance-driven methodology

Our Tollsense algorithm has reached unprecedented performance levels: trained on over 165 million images, it integrates almost all rare cases. It can easily be adapted according the specific needs of each client, to reach a tremendous performance:

Labelled datasets

The first step in any development consists of setting up a set of “labelled” data, meaning data correctly annotated with their classification outcome.


An AI model

Using this labelled dataset, the model is then trained to study the relationship between image properties and the annotated result.


Accelerating performance

Deep Learning enables the algorithm to self-learn and continuously improve. Thus, the more data is provided, the more accurate the model is and the more accustomed it is to recognizing complex cases such as snow, trucks, trailers, etc.


Industrially deployed

Once the solution reaches the required performance level, the classification algorithm can then be deployed in production on the network. This can be done via integration in back office or directly on the toll lane.


Tollsense evolutions


Real-time vehicles classification solution by

Real-time vehicles classification via video analysis, for a better knowledge of your traffic


Camera-based-only Free Flow solution

Revolutionizing tolling by providing a camera-based-only Free Flow gantry, at a lower cost