An AI-powered High Occupancy Detection system

Based on the latest AI-powered video-analysis technologies, has developed a powerful control device to support the deployment of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes : co-developed with Cegelec EDR, the high-tech innovative solution is a road-side compact equipment that can count the number of occupants into a high-speed vehicle with a very high precision.

Silhouette detection

AI lateral and frontal detection for an accurate counting of occupants

Vehicle classification

Vehicle class recognition according to pre-defined categorizations

License plate matching

Association of each vehicle information with the license plate number

GDPR compliant

Systematic blurring of personal data through an in-house anonymization AI model

A leading-edge technology to promote Carpooling habits!

Designed to support the implementation of HOV dedicated lanes, this cutting-edge solution is a real lever for public actors to promote Carpooling and initiate better road sharing mobility policy. Thanks to AI, the smart device reaches the performance needs of all Traffic Management Authorities determined to encourage more eco-friendly road transport modes, through HOV lanes, Low Emission Zones (LEZ) or Carpooling Parking areas.
Very high performance

Accurate detection enabled by a cutting-edge AI expertise and several already trained models

Modular solution

Flexible management rules to be configured by the operator, with the possibility to add some specific functionalities

Easy to deploy

A plug-and-play and low intrusive hardware system to facilitate road-side installation and maintenance

Dedicated interface

An easy-to-handle management interface dedicated to quality check and data analysis


Traffic Managers

The integrated solution has been designed to optimize field interventions while facilitating day-to-day HOV lanes monitoring, through reliable performance and quality control interface.

The totem device is compact for easy installation under constrained conditions. The quality qualification tool facilitates the proper evaluation of the overall system performance.

Thanks to its technological modularity, the system can be easily adapted to the specific needs of each Mobility Organizing Authority and new functionalities can be added progressively.

High performance

A reliable detection

Complementary lateral, frontal and back vehicle detection, ensured by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, enables us to minimize false positives while avoiding false negatives at any time of the day. This very high performance is the result of a huge R&D effort led by our Data Science expert team, using their Computer Vision and Deep Learning latest knowledge to retrain the AI models on thousands of millions of images.

Respect for privacy

Strict respect of user confidentiality

Thanks to an anonymization technology developed in-house, all personal data – mainly license plates and people silhouettes - are systematically blurred, in strict compliance with confidentiality rules (video surveillance laws and GDPR). All the collected data is deleted within 30 days, and a reversible encryption system ensures that they are only visible to the accredited authorities.

Pilot site setting up on the A7 for VINCI Autoroutes

To support the industrial development of the Carpooling product, VINCI Autoroutes provided with an experimentation area on the ASF network for the on-field installation of a first integrated prototype.

Carpooling device installed on Paris ring-road for a one-year evaluation

Following a competitive bidding process,, along with Cegelec EDR and SDEL partners, has been selected to implement one of its roadside detection totem pole on the Paris road network. The City of Paris wants to assess the AI solution actual performance upstream from an industrial deployment planned for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Our Carpooling solution selected to evaluate occupancy rates for a large city

Our High Occupancy Detection System goes international : has just been selected to supply 3 more devices to measure HOV lanes occupancy rate in a major North American metropolis.

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